Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Land of Zanzibar!

3 Days to go and boy is there a ton of emotions with that. We are all incredibly sad to leave each other, its like our family is divorcing. We've been together for 2 months every moment of everyday. And of course we all are losing part of our hearts in africa (not literally) haha... but it will deffinitly be sad to leave, and culture shock will be hitting us hard back home. But on a good note for our families, we are ready and eager to see everyone we miss from back home (and that yummy chickfila and some chocolate chip cookie dough too!)

2 Weeks ago we spent our time on the border of Kenya in an orphanage/school called Heartbeat Ministries. There were over 100 kids who lived there during their school year, and these kids were instructed by teachers and preechers who were on fire for the Lord! It was amazing, and such a refresher after being in the bush! Angie's church friends from Canada actually partner with this orphanage and they are impacting these kids lives in amazing ways! It was so cool to get a glimpse of what God was doing, and that there was hope for the African orphans. It made me think of what the bush could look like, and how we could use this new "responsibility" to impact them.

Mallarie wrote a little about what we have been doing in Tanzania! Dar and Zanzibar has been every adjective summed up in one sentence. We have learned a lot about patience, but also a lot about how big God really is! Zanzibar is 99% Muslim, so you can only imagine how hard ministry has been. But we were told about this girl named Rosie who is an African Missionary who lives on the island. Two of her churches have been burned down, shes been put in jail, and you can imagine all the other ways this woman has been prosecuted for her faith. She is only 23 years old.

We prayed and prayed that we would be able to meet her, but we had a wrong number, and she hadn't been at her workplace for over a week. We really wanted to be able to encourage her, but after a while we became completely discouraged, and told ourselves to not get our hopes up, because it wasn't likely at all to happen. So we mostly spent our days prayer walking and hanging out with locals. Malisa and I made friends with a Muslim girl named Gina, who we just hung out with and became friends with, and we would visit her everyday.

Then TWO DAYS AGO.. Matt, Mallarie, and Jessica were out walking the streets and talking to friends, and some RANDOM man, who apparently we have met before, but none of us remember... ran into them and was like "Are you guys the ones looking for Rosie??" and they were like YESSSSS! ANd he took them to her!!! SO they hung out with her and scheduled a time that we as a team could meet up with her the next day.

SO yesterday as a team, we went to her house, prayed with her, worshiped with her... and just go to love on her!!! It was amazing!! AND to top it all off.. me and Malisa has been talking about baptism and how we hadn't been baptized since we had been Christians.. so right there in the INDIAN OCEAN, Rosie baptized Malisa and I!!! What an incredible day I will never forget!! Which P.S. it was hilarious cause we had no idea she was going to dunk us 3 times in a row (father son and holy spirit) haha and Malisa probably swallowed a gallon of water.

Thats all for now, Ill have the Tanzania video up when i get home!

p.s. I dont have time to tell the story, cause im in a major rush because we have to catch a ferry.. but WE SAW HUMPBACK WHALES!!!!!!!! just had to say that :)

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  1. ohhhh allen! i cannot wait to see you! everything you have written has made me miss you more and more! It has inspired me and made me feel like i was there! I am so proud of your work and i know God is too! i love you and cannot wait to seeee you! :)